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Sign our petition to ban the bullfighting

Sign our petition demanding an end to bullfights in Pamplona.


In Pamplona, dozens of bulls are brutally massacred in public. During each day of the festival of San Fermin, these animals are stabbed in bloody bullfights. All Sanfermín bulls die in a square, and agonizingly slow manner, while few enjoy and applaud this show of pain and torture.


Although more than 81% of Spaniards are against bullfights or have no interest in them, the Government of Spain and the European Union allocate each year about 650 million of public money to bullfights as bullfighting in Pamplona. In addition, companies provide financial support to private bullfights, offering them as part of their tourist packages.


Animanaturalis seeks to end bullfighting in Pamplona. Only together we can abolish this cruel spectacle that shames the vast majority of citizens and shows the worst image of Spain to the world.


The movement for the abolition of bullfighting has made ​​progress in the world, but we still Sanfermín: the most famous and followed the bullfighting world. Sign our petition, spread the campaign on social media and share it with your contacts. The lives of bulls are in our hands!

Acabemos juntos con las corridas de toros

La campaña #SanFerminSinSangre es una iniciativa de AnimaNaturalis. Nuestro objetivo es avanzar hacia el fin a las corridas de toros en Pamplona y Navarra. Tu apoyo es crucial para poner fin a estas tradiciones crueles. Sólo contigo podemos salvar a los toros.

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